Acting today for a sustainable tomorrow


Skyguide ensures the most efficient flight procedures, in the interest of safety and the environment.

Environmental protection is an integral part of our mission. We consistently implement our environmental strategy, investing in efficiency measures in the three main action areas that are our air traffic operations, our infrastructure and the involvement of our employees. Since 2006, Skyguide has thus raised its own energy efficiency by 52%.

Parallel to this, we are actively involved in various European projects to enhance the environmental credentials of Air Traffic Management (ATM) as a whole. Beyond activities directly related to ATM, we participate in the Federal Action Plan “Exemplary Energy and Climate”.

Highlights 2022



energy efficiency improvement in 2021 compared to average 2018 and 2019 values



flight efficiency within Switzerland



of electricity used is renewable


Skyguide has embarked on a strong and determined environmental policy in three main action areas: its operations, its infrastructure and the involvement of its employees.

Alex Bristol

CEO Skyguide


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