Air Traffic Controllers

The aircraft is ready to take off and very soon it will leave the runway…

Air Traffic Controllers give landing and take-off clearances, monitor all the aircrafts on their radar, guide them on their route and coordinate all air traffic movements. They have an exciting job with a high degree of responsibility.

The registrations to the courses are in great demand and the selection process can take up to several weeks, so we recommend that you apply early. If a course is already fully booked, we will be happy to accept applications for the following session.

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Duration: 40 to 90 working days, plus a notice period of 1 to 3 months

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What I like most about my job is that I keep other people safe and can develop personally at the same time. Also, no two days are alike: the aircraft fly such a range of routes, and the weather conditions are a big variable, too. So it never gets boring!

Katrin Schnellmann

Air Traffic Controller

What are the main steps in the training to become an Air Traffic Controller with an Advanced Federal Diploma?

The course starts in August. It is based on international standards and divided into three parts:


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Find out what it's like working at Skyguide

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