Advanced Federal Diploma in Air Traffic Control


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As an air traffic controller, you will be responsible for coordinating all air traffic.


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The course in brief

Air traffic controllers give landing and take-off clearances, monitor departures on their radar, guide aircraft on their route and coordinate all air traffic movements. They have an exciting job with a lot of responsibility.

  • No prior knowledge of aviation needed
  • Paid training for a period of around 30 months, depending on the licence and deployment location
  • After you pass the selection process, you will be given a training contract
  • Practice-based training
  • Internationally valid licence

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Application process

The first step is to submit all the necessary documents and forms online. After this you will undergo a selection process consisting of several stages to ensure that you meet the requirements for the profession. It is not possible to prepare for any of the tests. » More about this


Aptitude tests 1 + 2

Each aptitude test lasts for half a day and evaluates skills such as accuracy, thinking in three dimensions and the ability to understand new concepts. It is not possible to prepare for the tests.


Taster day

This gives you the opportunity to shadow the employees in the unit where you would like to work in future and, of course, to ask any questions you may have.


English test

Your knowledge of English is assessed in an oral exam. The focus is on your understanding and your ability to communicate. The test can take place online or face-to-face.


Aptitude test 3

Together with the other candidates, you take part in a two-day selection camp at Grenchen airfield where your abilities are evaluated in more detail.


Mindset test

You only need to complete this step if you have decided to become a military air traffic controller. This is all about your knowledge of the Swiss armed forces.


Medical examination

At the end of the application process, we ensure that you meet the physical requirements for the course. The examination can only take place at the Aeromedical Centre.


Apply now

Apply now

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The selection process for the course starting in 2025 and 2026 has already begun.

After you pass the selection process, you will be given a training contract by Skyguide. The places on the course are in great demand and the selection process can take several weeks.

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Training location

When you submit your application, you must choose a training location.
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