Flight Information Services

Flight Information Services

Our Flight Information Services (FIS) provide you with the following information and advice for your safe and expedient flight.

To best assist you, let us know if you plan to change your route due to bad weather, navigational concerns or uncertainties concerning airspace.

FIS is not a substitute for a comprehensive briefing nor the pilot’s responsibility for route planning in accordance with the airspace and Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland (DABS) activities.

Information and services we provide

  • Weather information (METAR, GAFOR, SIGMET, AIRMET, wind information and messages from other pilots)

  • Traffic information

  • Information on status of navigational aids and airfields

  • Information on activity in dangerous and restricted areas (D and R areas)

  • Information on activity at HX airfields like Emmen, Dübendorf and Payerne

  • On-demand activation and closing of flight plans

  • Assistance in case of navigation problems

  • Coordination of flights through airspace C on request

  • Radio and transponder testing

Flight Information Centres

FIS is provided by our Flight Information Centres (FIC) located in the area control centres of Geneva and Zurich.

We use the following two frequencies:
Geneva: 126.350 (French, English)
Zurich: 124.7 (German, English)


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